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Serial production

Our company offers a comprehensive series production of your electronic products. We use facilities for a full-scale SMD assembly with with a medium volume production capacity. We are able to manufacture devices on PCBs up to 210x300mm. For serial production we use these technologies and practices:

Screen printing

Stencil printing method is used for applying solder paste or glue on pads on the PCB board. At present we use a simple manually operated stencil printer COSY, equipped with three adjusting screws, fix blade angels, and manual wipping. This simple printing process covers the needed product-flow capacity. Now, a new, automatic assembly line EKRA stencil printer is being prepared for run. In the cases where using a stencil printer is not acceptable, or if few-piece series (sample pieces) should be manufactured, we can use dispensing (manual applying).

SMD deployment

For component deployment we dispose of two placing automatic machines MYDATA TP-9-2UFP. These machines feature with a medium placement speed, easy operation and maintainance, and readiness for a quick and smooth changeover for another product. Their placement speed is about 40.000 components of current architecture per 8 hours. PCBs to be filled are feeded manually, however, in case of larger or frequently repeating series we are able to use feeding aids for multiple patterns. The feature of a large deployment area enables to fill even several dozens of PCBs at one feeding.


SMD components on PCB boards are solded in a modern hot-air HELLER1707MKIII reflow oven. The oven is equipped with both wire belt and edge hold chain conveyor.


For soldering through hole components, or SMD components stuck on the underside of the board, a wave soldering machine ERSA250 is used. This machine includes foam fluxer, preheat unit and two solder pots - for turbulent and laminar soldering. Product flow capacity of the device is also high enough.

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